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Perceptions of Procedural Justice Among Mental Health Court Participants


Investigators: Kelli Canada and Patrick W. Corrigan


Baseline data collection for this project is complete and there are two more months of follow-up data to collect before the data collection phase is complete. Kelli Canada, PI for this project has begun analyzing some of the baseline data but analysis is still very preliminary. Thus far, the majority of MHC consumers interviewed report that MHCs are working. Study participants report that MHCs have impacted their lives through a reduction in substance use, an increase in access to and use of services for both mental health and substance abuse treatment, more stability, and an improvement in relationships with family and friends. Participants report that these changes occur because of court monitoring, rewards and sanctions, relationships with staff, and quality services. In addition, MHC participants report high levels of procedural justice in their interactions with the staff and treatment providers. There were no differences between the two courts in the quantitative analysis but differences did arise in perceptions of procedural justice in the qualitative analysis although additional analysis is necessary before outlining the extent of differences. Thus far, this research has not been published; however, some of the data was presented at an international conference for the Academy of Law and Mental Health in July 2011.