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Self-Stigma in the Daily Life of Individuals with Schizophrenia: An Experience Sampling Study


Investigators: Dror Ben-Zeev, Ph.D. and Patrick W. Corrigan, Psy.D.


This pilot project, funded by the CASD, successfully screened and interviewed over 50 research candidates and recruited/completed data collection from a sample of 24 individuals with schizophrenia living in the community using mobile devices. These signaled people to complete self report questionnaires, multiple  times a day , over 7 days.  Dr. Ben-Zeev, the PI of this pilot project, is currently  in the middle of analyzing the data but I have some preliminary findings: the schizophrenia group received an average of 41.4 prompting signals during the week, for which the ESM questionnaire completion rate was 97.7%. Eighty-three percent of the participants in this sample endorsed some momentary symptoms of psychosis, on 61% of the ESM questionnaires completed during the data collection period. Multi-level time lagged analyses revealed that self-stigma was a significant predictor of psychotic symptom exacerbation in the subsequent hours of the same day. Similarly, experiencing positive symptoms increased the likelihood of subsequent self-stigma.  There is one manuscript relevant to this data set which is currently in preparation as an invited paper for a special issue of schizophrenia bulletin coming out in 2012, and another for which the PI is currently doing the analyses.