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CASD Satellite Centers

Satellite Center Description


The Center on Adherence and Self-Determination Satellite Centers (CASD SC) are groups of researchers in proximity to the CASD Research Core sites with a shared interest in advancing knowledge with regard to adherence and self-determination for individuals with serious mental illness.  There is one partnering CASD SC for each of the primary CASD research sites.  Below is a diagram of this organizational structure.




This structure assists CASD in accomplishing several important tasks of a developing center:


 Satellite Centers (SCs) allows for collaboration with other researchers outside of the Research Core leading to ideas for future research, as well as providing a platform for collaboration on research efforts.

 SCs provide a forum for feedback on research projects, proposals, and papers.

 Through involvement of consumers, providers, and other community stakeholders, SCs uphold the CASD mission to aspire to the principles of CBPR.

 SCs accomplish dissemination objectives through discussion of CASD research at SC meetings.

 SCs further enhance training by inviting early career investigators in proximity to each site to join Satellite Centers. These researchers participate in presentations and discussions and are invited to share ideas and request feedback from the group.

Click here to visit the Chicago Satellite Center.

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Click here to visit the Connecticut Satellite Center (Yale-PRCH).