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Jonathon Larson


Dr. Jonathon E. Larson, L.C.P.C., C.R.C. is an assistant professor of rehabilitation psychology and counseling at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. He is the director of research at the Joint Research Programs in Psychiatric Rehabilitation and an editorial board member of the American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation. His publications and training curricula have covered topics in psychiatric vocational rehabilitation, motivational interviewing, neurofeedback practitioner variables, psycho-educational groups, barriers to employment, evidence-based practice dissemination, stages of change in employment, practitioner burnout, practitioner influences on outcomes, mental health leadership, and mental illness stigma. He has 13 years of experience teaching therapy and psychiatric rehabilitation skills to practitioners and university students. Jon has 17 years of experience providing psychiatric rehabilitation services for individuals with psychiatric disabilities in various settings. He operates a solo practice and provides cognitive behavioral therapy, neurofeedback, progressive muscle relaxation, temperature training, skin conductance training, and heart rate variability training for mental health, substance abuse, and employment problems.

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Relevant Publications:

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