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Kristin Sokol

CASD Project Coordinator

Phone (312)567-5246

Fax (312)567-6753


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Principal Investigators

The CASD is composed of a collection of researchers from across the country tied together by a common interest and involvement in researching ways to promote choice and service engagement for adults with serious mental illness.  The core of the center consists of 11 principal investigators- seven later career investigators and four early career investigators.  To read about these individuals click here.  


Satellite Centers

For each region haling members of the core CASD team, including Chicago, New York (Yale University), New Jersey (Rutgers University), Wisconsin (the University of Wisconsin-Madison), and Philadelphia (the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, and the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine), a corresponding Satellite Center exists.  These Satellite Centers conduct research related to the mission of the National Center.  To read about these Satellite Centers and their members click here.


Center Staff

Several key people support the daily operations of the CASD, including Janice Parker, Assistant Director of Consumer Affairs, Kristin Sokol, CASD Project Coordinator, and Mandy Fong, Administrative Assistant. To find out more about the Center staff click here.